Update: As of Mar 31, 2020, Kenome has ceased customer engagements. If you are interested in Kenome IP, please get in touch with ppt [at] kenome.io

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Why Kenome

Kenome is a core AI company helping enterprises make sense of dark data using cutting-edge Machine Learning, NLP, and Knowledge Graphs.

As part of regular business, enterprises generate a lot of dark data -- unstructured data in the form of employee emails, customer communications, presentations, manuals, maintenance and research notes, etc. Data relevant to the enterprise is also present on the Web in the form of blogs, social media discussions, news, etc. The heterogeneous, unstructured, and scattered nature of the dark data poses significant challenges in harnessing it for improved decision making.

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Kenome brings years of world-class research and industrial experience to help unlock the true value of unstructured dark data.

Knowledge Graphs

Natural Language Understanding

Machine Learning

Never Ending Learning


Kenome Insights Platform (KIP)

KIP is a novel AI platform designed to unlock actionable knowledge trapped inside dark data. KIP uses cutting-edge Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Natural Language Understanding to build Enterprise Knowledge Graphs out of unstructured data. KIP also provides inference capabilities over such graphs for improved decision making. Please get in touch to learn more.

KENOME SmartOrder

KENOME SmartOrder helps enterprises create sales orders from heterogeneous sources, such as chat messages, emails, sms, etc.

KENOME SmartAudit

KENOME SmartAudit helps companies generate revenue audit leads from heterogeneous data sources. This is a prescriptive system which not only generates audit leads, but also presents supporting evidence.


KENOME SmartRec uses Knowledge Graphs to make personalized recommendations, while taking external trends and other Social Sensing signals into account. SmartRec also exploits semantic relationships among products.

KENOME SmartSense

KENOME SmartSense helps enterprises stay on top of what their customers actually want. SmartSense derives Social Sensing signals by continuously scanning a variety of heterogeneous sources where customers express their opinions.

To learn more about any of these products, please contact us.


We are currently working with Fortune 500 and other global enterprises in the financial, retail, and consumer electronics sectors to help them derive business value out of unstructured data.
Kenome is excited to be part of the Target Accelerator Program

About Us

Kenome was founded in late 2017 by Professor Partha Talukdar. Professor Talukdar is a faculty member in the Department of Computational and Data Sciences at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore (India), where he is also the founding director of the Machine and Language Learning (MALL) Lab. Professor Talukdar is one of the architects of the NELL system at CMU, USA.

The name Kenome is a play on the phrase knowledge genome. Just as genome encodes the genetic material in an organism, Kenome’s AI aims to capture and unify the knowledge in an enterprise and harness it for improved decision making.